Book Launch @ BRUNTONS!

Friday, 17 May 2024 from 5pm

Meet the author, Glenn Scoggins, and receive a signed copy of “Steadfast: Saint Maur’s 150 Years atop the Yokohama Bluff”!

About Steadfast:

Japan is an ancient country, but Yokohama is one of its youngest cities, founded in 1859. A few years later, a school opened atop a steep hill overlooking the harbor. A century and a half have passed, but Saint Maur still attracts students from more than three dozen countries. This book is the intertwined history of that school and that city.

Here are the stories of tough, courageous, and resilient women who pioneered international education in Japan’s most cosmopolitan city and major trading port. Saint Maur survived two world wars and a devastating earthquake, as well as religious persecution, political turmoil, and military upheaval. Destroyed and rebuilt over and over, it stands steadfast, home to generations of students and their families.

Glenn Scoggins arrived in Yokohama in 1977 and never left. He taught history at Saint Maur International School for 45 years. This book is his tribute on its sesquicentennial.